Wisconsin – Forest, Water And Loads of Sports

Almost half of the area of ​​Wisconsin is covered in forest. It’s not a bad start to a vacation where you want to get plenty of fresh air, right?

In addition, there are thousands and thousands of lakes – and that’s actually what is meant. In total, there should be around 15,000 smaller, larger and very large lakes in which people can bathe, fish, sail and swim. Of course, you can also go water skiing and other wet motor sports. The choice is simply inexhaustible for all of Wisconsin. So it’s no wonder that international tourists also have to share the wonderful landscapes with many travelers from the USA. Above all, people from the nearby metropolitan areas, such as Chicago, like to seek relaxation in Wisconsin.

Location and landscapes

According to ask4beauty, Wisconsin is located in the north of the United States and borders Lake Superior and Michigan. The neighbor to the south is Illinois. In the west the neighboring states are called Iowa and Minnesota, in the east Wisconsin is bordered by Lake Michigan. Forest and water, this is the best way to characterize the landscapes. Overall, Wisconsin is divided into five regions. Only in the Northern Highlands are there anything like mountains; the highest point is “Timms Hill” at 595 meters. However, the country is crossed by large and powerful rivers, the most famous of which is the Mississippi. Where there are neither forests, water nor hills, the landscape is characterized by farms and rich arable land. Wisconsin is also known as “America’s dairyland” because it has such a dominant dairy industry.

Welcome to Wisconsin’s State Parks

The state of Wisconsin does not have a national park, but it has interesting state parks to offer. One example is the “Apostle Islands National Lakeshore” high in the north of the country. Under this name, 21 islands and a peninsula are summarized, which have it all. The fact that you can find great beaches and lots of lighthouses there may not come as a surprise. But the islands also offer primeval forest – that is a bit more unusual! The associated visitor center in Bayfield provides excellent information on where to find what. The “Ice Age Scenic Trail” is also recommended. This trail is nearly 2,000 kilometers and runs through the whole of Wisconsin. But don’t worry, you can of course only hike on selected stagesThe infrastructure is designed accordingly. There are innumerable approaches. If you don’t “just” want to hike, you can fish, hunt or just watch rare birds here. Campsites offer simple overnight accommodation.

Madison – capital of tolerance and friendliness

The largest city in Wisconsin is Milwaukee, but the capital is the much smaller Madison. The city has not made a name for itself all over the USA because of its political influence or because of its good administrative structures. Rather, it is a shining example of environmental friendliness. No city in the US has more bike-friendly streets – and the locals make extensive use of them too! In addition, there is an extremely friendly, open and tolerant tone in the city. Here you live and here you let live; no matter what sexual orientation a person has whether he eats meat or not, or whether he goes to church or not. Madison is also a young and intellectual city thanks to its university. Your “University of Wisconsin” is one of the largest and best public universities in the USA. It was founded in 1848.

You definitely shouldn’t miss it

Not far from Madison, in Blue Mounds, is a Norwegian stave church. The building is on a farm that Norwegian immigrants built in 1856. Today the farm is an open-air museum. Of course, the Church was not one of them from the start. It was built especially for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and was later brought to “Little Norway”. It is extremely rare to see stave churches like this outside of Norway.

If you are traveling with children, you might want to plan a day from time to time that is entirely geared to the needs of the little ones. A visit to the “Henry Vilas Zoo” in Madison is ideal for this. Year after year, more than half a million visitors come to the approximately 20,000 square meters of the zoo. Various primate species ensure a lot of fun here, including orangutans. The zoo is also home to predators that you would otherwise not see in every zoo. Alligators and grizzly bears live here.
Of course, you should also pay a visit to the largest city in the country. Those who are exhausted from shopping and the cultural offerings in Milwaukee can relax in “Lakefront Park”. Located directly on Lake Michigan, it offers either peace and quiet or various sports and entertainment options.

Wisconsin - Forest, Water And Loads of Sports

Wisconsin – Forest, Water And Loads of Sports
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