US 5 and 6 in Connecticut

US 5 in Connecticut

US 5
Get started New Haven
End Enfield
Length 55 mi
Length 88 km
New HavenHamden





US 5 is a US Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms a north-south route through the center of the state, from New Haven on the coast through the state capital Hartford to the Massachusetts border. The route is 88 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The road begins in downtown New Haven, a major Connecticut city. The intersection with US 1 is the starting point of US 5, which then runs parallel to Interstate 91 to the north. US 5 then connects to SR-40, a short east-west highway on the north side of town. US 5 then runs between I-91 and SR-15, the Wilbur Cross Parkway, two highways from New Haven to Hartford. The road then passes through Meriden, a small town that forms a sub-center in the otherwise largely urbanized area. In Meriden one crosses Interstate 691, an east-west highway of Interstate 84on the west and I-91 on the east. The road then becomes more important and forms the 2×2 Berlin Turnpike.

South Hartford crosses SR-9, the highway from New Britain to the Connecticut coast. The road then passes through the southern suburbs, before US 5 becomes a 2×2 lane highway to I-91. The road then crosses the Connecticut River over the Charter Oak Bridge, then passes through East Hartford, intersecting a number of freeways, such as SR-2 and Interstate 84. Thereafter, US 5 forms a 2×2 trunk road across the east bank of the Connecticut through an urban corridor from Hartford to Springfield. On the north side of Hartford, one crosses Interstate 291, the northern bypassthe Hartford metropolitan area. The road then passes through Enfield and reaches the Massachusetts border. US 5 in Massachusetts then passes through the town of Springfield.


US 5 was created in 1926, following ancient trade routes through Connecticut. Only minor changes to the route have been made since then, especially in the city of New Haven and Hartford. In the early 1940s, portions of US 5 were upgraded to 2×2 lanes in the Hartford area.

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US 6 in Connecticut

US 6
Get started Danbury
End South Killingly
Length 116 mi
Length 187 km
New York







East Brooklyn

Rhode Island

US 6 is a US Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The road forms an east-west route through the center of the state. The road begins at the New York state border at Danbury and runs through the state capital Hartford to the Rhode Island border in the east of the state. The road is 187 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-84 / US 6 in western Connecticut.

US 6 in New York, along with US 202, enters Connecticut at the town of Danbury, parallel to Interstate 84. Danbury is a regional city with 79,000 inhabitants. US 6 runs through Danbury on I-84 and crosses US 7 which runs from Norwalk to Pittsfield in Massachusetts. East of Danbury, US 6 briefly parallels I-84 again through the dense woods before a second double-numbering begins. After this, US 6 turns north and curves north of the town of Waterbury. North of Waterbury crosses State Route 8a highway from Bridgeport to Torrington. One then reaches the suburban area of ​​Hartford. First passing through Bristol, US 6 rejoins I-84 for the route through Hartford.

Downtown Hartford crosses a number of highways, such as Interstate 91 from New Haven to Springfield, Massachusetts and State Route 2 to New London. One also crosses the US 5 which runs parallel to the I-91 and the US 44 also merges. Both roads split again in the suburb of Manchester, at the eastern end of Interstate 384. US 44 then parallels a slightly more northerly route to Rhode Island. US 6 follows a slightly more southerly route via Willimantic. This part of Connecticut is also heavily forested and US 6 forms a highway bypass of Willimantic but is otherwise a 1×2 lane main road. East Brooklyn crosses Interstate 395, the highway from New London and Norwich to Worcester in Massachusetts. Not far after, the border with Rhode Island follows and US 6 in Rhode Island continues to Providence.


Before the US Highway system was created in 1926, a network of New England Interstate Highways existed. Portions of current US 6 were numbered as NE-3. US 6 was created in 1926 and is the main east-west route in inland Connecticut. US 6 east of Hartford lost its through importance as early as 1949 when I-84 was opened. Between 1953 and 1969, the remainder of I-84 was constructed, destroying US 6’s through importance. However, east of Hartford, I-84 was originally supposed to have been built parallel to US 6 to Providence, but that never happened, so US 6 still handles east-west traffic between Hartford and Providence.

US 6 in Connecticut

US 5 and 6 in Connecticut
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