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Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The name comes from the ancient Phoenician “malat” – a harbor or refuge.

The capital is Valletta. The official language is Maltese. Currency – euro. Religion – Catholicism (98% of the population – Catholics).

According to, Malta occupies two small islands Goeo and Malte, which were formed as a result of a break in the oceanic platform.

Malta also includes some small islands, some of which are uninhabited, and some are privately owned. Malta has excellent holiday conditions throughout the year due to the large number of sunny days. The sea water here is very clean. The heat here is quite tolerable, and the sea is calm. In winter, the temperature does not fall below +15*C, and in summer it does not exceed +35*C.

If you are insanely tired and you have no strength left – Malta is exactly the place where you can fulfill your little dream. Here you will find so many different beaches that you will feel dizzy. The flow of tourists to Malta is constantly increasing.

The Russian Embassy
Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Malta. Ariel House. Anthony Schembri St. Kappara, San Gwann. Tel.: 3719 05/06/07, fax 372131.

Visa is issued upon arrival at Valletta airport. The time is 2 hours behind Moscow time.

The Maltese archipelago consists of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino; and also from the many uninhabited – Cominotto, Filfla, St. Paul’s and others. It can be argued that Malta and its islands, located at a distance of only about 93 km south of Sicily, 230 km north of the coast of North Africa, 1826 km east of Gibraltar and 1510 km west of Alexandria, occupy a central place in the Mediterranean. sea.

The total area is 316 sq. km (Malta – 246 sq. km, Gozo – 67 sq. km and Comino – 2.7 sq. km). The length of Malta is about 27 km (from the southeast to the northwest point), the greatest length from east to west is 14.5 km, from north to south – 7.2 km.

The Maltese climate is warm and conducive to health. There are no cold winds, fog, snow or frost in Malta. The total amount of precipitation during the short rainy period is only 585 mm per year. In winter (from November to April) the average temperature is about 14*C, the duration of sunshine is 6.55 hours a day. In summer (from May to October) the average temperature is 23.1*C, the duration of sunshine is 10.16 hours a day.

The hottest time is from mid-July to mid-September. The fresh breeze and the influence of the sea, even at the highest summer temperatures, do not allow the feeling of unbearable heat. This is also due to the fact that in Malta there are no high mountains or strings of hotels rising to the sky that would close the natural ventilation of sea beaches. And since the main island of Malta is quite small: three Maltas would fit in West Berlin, this is why such a balanced climate is obtained.

Journey to the Mariana Archipelago

The Mariana Islands are a group of 17 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Territory of the Northern Mariana Islands and the island of Guam – associated with the United States.

The capital of the Northern Mariana Islands is Saipan. The official language is English, Chamorro. Currency – US dollar.

The islands are named by Spanish monks in honor of Marianne of Austria. Until the end of the 19th century. were called the Ladron Islands (islands of thieves). The area of ​​the islands is 1000 km2.

Resorts and attractions of the Mariana Islands

The Mariana Islands were discovered in 1521. On March 6, 1521, the sailors of the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan became the first Europeans to see the islands. In 1565, the islands were formally declared the property of the Spanish crown.

After the Spanish-American War, Spain ceded the southern part of the Mariana Islands to the United States, and sold the northern part to the German Empire under an 1899 treaty. After the First World War, the Marianas were placed under the control of Japan by the League of Nations. After the Second World War, the islands came under the control of the United States by decision of the UN. In 1986, the inhabitants of the islands were granted the status of US citizens.

Interesting facts

The first people appeared on the islands 2000 BC. e. Later, the first settlers became known as the Chamorros. The islanders had a social division. Women were considered heads of families. Beginning in the 16th century, the colonialists unsuccessfully tried to eradicate matriarchy.

Population 225,000

Travel to Malta

Travel to Malta
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