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According to wholevehicles, Uruguay is a small South American nation located between Argentina and Brazil, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The country is mainly composed of flat terrain, with rolling hills and two ranges of low mountains in the north and northwest. The region is mostly covered by grassland, with some areas of forest in the north and northeast. The climate is temperate with hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is concentrated in spring and early summer, with occasional flooding in low-lying areas. The Río de la Plata estuary forms Uruguay’s natural border to the east. This large estuary supports a variety of wildlife, including numerous species of fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals such as capybaras, otters, and howler monkeys. Inland from this estuary lies the Uruguay River which flows northward through the country before emptying into the Paraná River in Argentina. Along its path it passes through many wetlands which are great for birdwatching as well as fishing for local species like dorado and surubí. Uruguay has many beaches along its coastline; most are located near Montevideo while others can be found further south towards Punta del Este or Cabo Polonio National Park on the Atlantic coast. The latter features rugged cliffs that offer stunning views of both land and sea while providing refuge for seabirds like cormorants and pelicans during their migrations. The interior of Uruguay consists mainly of grasslands but there are also patches of wetland such as Lago Merín which lies at the border between Brazil and Uruguay near Chuy town. This lake is an important wetland habitat for a variety of bird species including flamingos which can be observed from nearby observation towers during their nesting season between October to April each year. See paulfootwear for weather information in Uruguay.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Climate and Weather in Montevideo, Uruguay

The climate of Montevideo Montevideo is the capital of the South American country Uruguay and is located on a bay of the Atlantic Ocean. By South American standards, Montevideo is very safe, rich and...