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According to wholevehicles, Suriname is located in the northeastern corner of South America, bordered by Guyana to the west, French Guiana to the east, and Brazil to the south. The country has a total area of 163,820 square kilometers. The northern and eastern parts are covered by dense tropical rainforest and its interior is mostly composed of savanna plains and hills. The highest point in Suriname is Julianatop at 1,230 meters above sea level. Suriname also has two major rivers that flow through it; the Coppename River in the north and the Suriname River in the south. These two rivers form part of a network of waterways that criss-cross the country’s interior and are used for transportation, fishing, and irrigation. There are also several lakes scattered throughout Suriname including Tafelmeer Lake which is located near Paramaribo. In addition to these natural resources, Suriname has a number of offshore islands located off its coast including Nieuw Nickerie Island which is home to a large population of seabirds as well as several species of monkeys. The climate in Suriname varies depending on location with temperatures ranging from hot and humid along the coast to cooler temperatures inland. In general, most areas experience two distinct seasons; a dry season from December to April followed by a wet season from May to November with heavy rains during this time period. Along with its diverse geography come various ecosystems ranging from lowland rainforests in the north to savannas in some parts as well as mangrove swamps along its coastline which provide important habitats for local wildlife species such as monkeys, sloths, caimans, iguanas, tapirs, jaguars and many other animals. See paulfootwear for weather information in Suriname.

Paramaribo, Suriname

Climate and Weather in Paramaribo, Suriname

The climate of Paramaribo Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname and is located in the north of the country, on the west side of the Suriname River. Paramaribo has a tropical rainforest climate (type...