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According to wholevehicles, Republic of the Congo is a central African nation situated on the equator, with the Atlantic Ocean to its west. It covers an area of 132,000 square miles, making it slightly larger than the state of Montana. The country is divided into two distinct regions: a coastal plain in the west and a plateau in the east. The coastal plain is mostly low-lying and composed of several rivers that converge on Pointe-Noire, the country’s second largest city. The Congo River forms much of the northern border and is navigable for over 600 miles from its mouth at Kinshasa, Congo’s capital city.┬áThe plateau region covers most of northern Congo and is characterized by rolling hills with occasional granite outcroppings. This region has rich soil suitable for agriculture and contains some mineral deposits such as copper, gold and diamonds. Much of this area also contains dense tropical rainforest which provides habitat for many species of wildlife including gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and antelope. The climate in Republic of Congo is tropical with hot humid weather year-round due to its proximity to the equator. Rainfall can be heavy throughout most months but there are two distinct rainy seasons from March to May and September to November during which flooding can occur in some areas. Temperatures are generally moderate but can reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest months from December to February. See paulfootwear for weather information in Republic of the Congo.