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According to wholevehicles, Nigeria is a country located in West Africa and is bordered by Benin, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon. It is the most populous country in Africa with an estimated population of over 200 million people. Nigeria has a varied terrain with coastal plains in the south, mountains in the north-east, and savannah grasslands in between. The major rivers are the Niger and Benue which flow through the country from north to south. The climate of Nigeria is tropical with two main seasons; a dry season between December and February followed by a wet season between March and October. Rainfall varies across the country with some areas receiving up to 3,000mm annually while others receive less than 500mm. Nigeria has abundant natural resources such as oil, gas, tin ore, iron ore, coal and limestone among others. The main agricultural produce includes maize, rice, cassava yams millet sorghum and plantains. These are primarily grown for subsistence use but some are also exported to other countries around the world. Tourism is also an important source of income for many Nigerians as there are many interesting sites to explore such as Yankari National Park where you can see elephants roaming freely or explore ancient ruins like Nok or Sukur Cultural Landscape among many others. See paulfootwear for weather information in Nigeria.

Abuja, Nigeria

Climate and Weather in Abuja, Nigeria

The climate of Abuja Abuja has been the capital of the African country of Nigeria since 1991. It took over that role from Lagos, which is still the largest city in Nigeria. Abuja is...