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According to wholevehicles, Nepal is a small landlocked country located in the southern region of Asia, between India and China. It is bordered by Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north, Sikkim and West Bengal of India to the east, Uttar Pradesh of India to the south and Uttarakhand of India to the west. The country has a total area of 147,181 square kilometers and its terrain is mostly mountainous with some flat plains in the Terai region.┬áThe major mountain ranges are the Mahabharat Range and Himalayas. The highest peak in Nepal is Mount Everest (8,848 m), which is also the highest peak in the world. The other prominent peaks include Kanchenjunga (8,586 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Makalu (8,485 m) and Cho Oyu (8,188 m). These mountains form part of a larger mountain chain that stretches from Pakistan to Myanmar. The major rivers flowing through Nepal are Karnali, Mahakali and Koshi with their tributaries flowing through Terai region. These rivers are used for irrigation purposes as well as for power generation. Most of these rivers originate from glaciers located in the high mountains regions such as Annapurna Range, Manaslu Range and Langtang Range. Other important rivers include Gandaki River, Narayani River and Rapti River which flow through different parts of Nepal before joining into Ganges river at various points across India’s border.┬áNepal has three distinct climatic zones; subtropical climate zone in lowland plains or Terai region; temperate climate zone in mid-hill regions; alpine climate zone found at higher elevations above 3200 meters above sea level. In general it has warm summers followed by monsoon season from June till September with heavy rains across most parts of country except for far western regions where rainfall is less compared to rest of country due to rain shadow effect caused by Himalayan range blocking most monsoon winds from entering this part of country resulting into semi-arid climate here. See paulfootwear for weather information in Nepal.

Pokhara, Nepal

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Kathmandu, Nepal

Climate and Weather in Kathmandu, Nepal

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