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According to wholevehicles, Nauru is a small island nation in the Central Pacific Ocean, located approximately 1,600 miles east of Papua New Guinea. It is the smallest republic in the world and is made up of a single island that measures just 8.1 square miles. The island is oval-shaped with two small peninsulas on either side and has three large phosphate plateaus that rise up from the sea. The highest point on the island is called Command Ridge, which stands at a height of 65 meters above sea level. The coastline of Nauru is fringed by white sandy beaches, coral reefs and lagoons, while its interior consists of rolling hills covered with tropical vegetation and coconut palms. Due to its isolated location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Nauru experiences a tropical climate with high temperatures throughout most of the year and no distinct wet season or dry season. The average annual temperature on Nauru ranges between 25-30°C and there are usually very few extremes in temperature whatsoever. Rainfall levels vary throughout the year but are generally low due to Nauru’s proximity to an area known as the “doldrums”, an area characterized by low wind speeds and heavy cloud cover as well as very little rainfall. See paulfootwear for weather information in Nauru.

Yaren, Nauru

Climate and Weather in Yaren, Nauru

The climate of Yaren Yaren is a village in the south of the island state of Nauru, the third smallest country in the world. It is not seen as the capital of the country,...