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According to wholevehicles, Namibia is located in southwestern Africa and is bordered by Angola, Botswana, South Africa, and Zambia. The country is divided into two distinct regions: the coastal plain and the interior plateau. The coastal plain stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and is characterized by sandy beaches, dunes, lagoons, and wetlands. This region has a mild climate with hot summers and mild winters. The interior plateau region is semi-arid to arid and consists of mountains, valleys, savannas, woodlands, grasslands, and deserts. The Namib Desert stretches along the entire coast of Namibia from Angola to South Africa. It is one of the oldest deserts in the world with sand dunes reaching heights of up to 300 meters. To the east of the Namib Desert lies the Kalahari Desert which consists mostly of grasslands dotted with acacia trees. Further inland are rugged mountains such as the Brandberg Massif which reaches heights of up to 2575 meters above sea level. These mountains form an important part of Namibia’s geography as they provide an important water source for much of the country’s population. The country’s largest river is called Kunene River which flows from Angola through Namibia into the Atlantic Ocean in northern Namibia. Other important rivers include Okavango River that flows from Botswana through western Namibia before entering Angola; Orange River that forms part of Namibia’s border with South Africa; Zambezi River that forms part of its border with Zambia; Cuvelai River that flows through central-eastern parts of Namibia before entering Angola; as well as several smaller rivers such as Fish River Canyon in southern parts of Namibia among others. See paulfootwear for weather information in Namibia.

Dodevlei, Namibia

Climate and Weather of Dodevlei, Namibia

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Windhoek, Namibia

Climate and Weather in Windhoek, Namibia

The climate of Windhoek Windhoek is the capital and largest city of Namibia. Windhoek, with more than three hundred thousand inhabitants, is located at an altitude of approximately 1650 meters above sea level. The...