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According to wholevehicles, Moldova is located in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. The country is mostly flat with rolling hills in the center and north. The terrain is primarily composed of low hills, plateaus, and valleys. The Dniester River forms a large part of the eastern border with Ukraine. The Prut River forms part of the western border with Romania. The Danube Delta is located at Moldova’s southwestern corner, where it empties into the Black Sea. This delta provides an important wetland habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife. The climate in Moldova is temperate continental with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and humid while winters are cold but rarely severe enough for snowfall to occur regularly. Most precipitation falls in the spring and summer months as rain or thunderstorms while winter brings light snowfall or freezing rain at times. In general, temperatures tend to be milder along the Black Sea coast than inland due to the moderating effects of its waters. Moldova also experiences occasional droughts during summer months due to its location in an area of low rainfall totals annually. See paulfootwear for weather information in Moldova.

Chișinău, Moldova

Climate and Weather in Chișinău, Moldova

The climate of Chișinău Chișinău is a large city in the central part of Moldova. The city, with more than half a million inhabitants, is the capital of the country and has a lot...