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According to wholevehicles, Madagascar is an island country located off the southeast coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. It is the fourth largest island in the world and has a total area of 587,000 square kilometers. Madagascar is divided into six regions: Antsiranana, Mahajanga, Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, Antananarivo and Toliara. The terrain of Madagascar consists mainly of high plateaus and mountains separated by deep valleys and low plains. The central highlands are formed by two large mountainous massifs that stretch from north to south across the entire island. These are the Tsaratanana Massif in the north and the Ankaratra Massif in the south. Between them lies a huge expanse of rolling hills and valleys known as Haute Matsiatra. The highest peak on Madagascar is Maromokotro which stands at 2,876 meters above sea level. The coastline of Madagascar is mostly composed of bays, lagoons and coral reefs surrounded by mangroves with some sandy beaches here and there. The island also has numerous rivers that provide water for both agricultural activities as well as hydropower generation. Much of Madagascar’s biodiversity can be found along its rivers where turtles, crocodiles, lemurs and other wildlife species live in abundance. In terms of climate, Madagascar has a tropical climate with distinct wet (November to April) and dry (May to October) seasons throughout most parts of the island except for some higher elevations where temperatures will drop significantly during winter months (May to October). Overall, Madagascar’s geography provides an array of diverse habitats that have contributed to its unique biodiversity which makes it one of the most fascinating places on Earth! See paulfootwear for weather information in Madagascar.

Antananarivo, Madagascar

Climate and Weather in Antananarivo, Madagascar

The climate of Antananarivo Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar. The name of this nearly four-hundred-year-old city literally means ‘city of a thousand people’. This name is a reference to the number of soldiers...