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According to wholevehicles, Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. The country is home to many mountain ranges such as the Tien Shan and Pamir Mountains. The highest point in Kyrgyzstan is Jengish Chokusu at 7,439 meters (24,406 feet) above sea level. The majority of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous with some flat plains in the north and south. The northern part of Kyrgyzstan is dominated by Lake Issyk-Kul, the second largest alpine lake in the world after Lake Titicaca in South America. It has an area of 6,236 square kilometers (2,408 square miles). The lake has a maximum depth of 702 meters (2,303 feet) and contains several endemic species including carp, trout and sturgeon. To the southeast of Issyk-Kul lies Chon-Kemin Valley with its lush green meadows surrounded by snow-capped mountains that are home to a variety of wildlife including wolves, marmots and ibex. In addition to its mountain ranges and lakes, Kyrgyzstan also boasts several rivers that flow through it including the Naryn River which originates from Lake Issyk-Kul before flowing into Uzbekistan; as well as several other smaller rivers such as Kara Darya which runs through Bishkek city center before joining up with Chu River near Karakol town; Ysyk Köl River which flows down from Central Tien Shan Mountains towards eastern part of country; and Ak Suu River which starts from Ala Too mountains before joining Sary Jaz River at Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. See paulfootwear for weather information in Kyrgyzstan.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Climate and Weather in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The climate of Bishkek Bishkek (also written as Bishkek) is the capital of Kyrgyzstan, a country located in Central Asia. Bishkek is located in the central part of the Chuy Valley, at a relatively...

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

Climate and Weather of Karakol, Kyrgyzstan

The climate of Karakol According to Bridgat, Karakol is located in the northeast of Kyrgyzstan, not far from Lake Ysykköl. Karakol is located in the Ysykköl Oblast , of which it is also the...