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According to wholevehicles, Kenya is a country located in East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean to the east and Somalia to the northeast. The terrain of Kenya is mostly high plains with several mountain ranges, including the Aberdares, Mount Kenya, and the Eastern Arc Mountains. The country also has some lowlands along its coastline. The geography of Kenya is also marked by several large lakes, including Lake Turkana in northern Kenya, Lake Victoria in western Kenya and Lake Naivasha in central Kenya. These lakes provide important sources of water for the country’s population and are important habitats for wildlife. In addition to these natural features, there are several large rivers that traverse the country, such as the Tana River in eastern Kenya and the Mara River in western Kenya. These rivers provide important sources of water for irrigation and other uses.┬áThe climate of Kenya is tropical with two distinct seasons: a wet season from March to June followed by a dry season from July to October. This dry season can cause widespread droughts throughout much of the country which often lead to food shortages and famine. Much of this drought is caused by deforestation due to human settlement which has caused significant soil erosion and desertification in some areas. Despite this, much of the land remains arable with some areas being used for subsistence farming or ranching. In addition to this, much of central and southern Kenya have been designated as national parks or reserves for wildlife conservation purposes which helps protect their biodiversity from human activities like poaching or habitat destruction. See paulfootwear for weather information in Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya

Climate and Weather in Nairobi, Kenya

The climate of Nairobi Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. The city is located inland, at an altitude of about sixteen hundred meters. Nairobi is a relatively young city. Founded in 1899, Nairobi was...