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According to wholevehicles, Ecuador is located in the western part of the South American continent, and is bordered by Colombia on the north and Peru on the east and south. The country has an area of 283,561 square kilometers (109,483 sq mi). The terrain of Ecuador is quite varied, with coastal plains in the west and highlands in the east. The Andes Mountains form a chain that runs along the length of Ecuador’s Pacific coast. The highest point in Ecuador is Chimborazo, which stands at 6,263 meters (20,549 ft). To the east of this mountain range lies a broad plain called La Costa. This region is characterized by tropical forests and some agricultural land. Inland from La Costa lies an area known as El Oriente, or “the East,” which consists mostly of low-lying jungle. Further inland from El Oriente are two large mountain ranges: the Cordillera Occidental and Cordillera Central. These two mountain ranges contain many volcanoes, including Cotopaxi—the second highest active volcano in the world—and Tungurahua—which has been erupting since 1999. In addition to these mountains, Ecuador also has several smaller mountain ranges scattered throughout its territory. Finally, off Ecuador’s coast lies a group of islands known as Galápagos Islands—which are home to many unique species of wildlife such as giant tortoises and iguanas. See paulfootwear for weather information in Ecuador.

Quito, Ecuador

Climate and Weather in Quito, Ecuador

The climate of Quito Quito is the capital of Ecuador and has a mild climate with no real outliers. Especially the altitude at which the city is located (almost 3 kilometers) ensures that temperatures...