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Colombia Brief History

Colombia Country Facts: Colombia, located in South America, is known for its rich biodiversity, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes, including the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains, and Caribbean coast. Its capital is Bogotá. Colombia is the world’s leading producer of emeralds and a major exporter of coffee and flowers. The country has faced challenges such as… Read More »

Colombia Population

Population Distribution As of 2023, the latest population of Colombia is 49,084,841, based on our calculation of the current data from UN (United Nations). Total population 49,084,841 Population growth rate 0.93% Birth rate 16.10 births per 1,000 people Life expectancy Overall 75.02 years Men 71.82 years Women 78.42 years Age structure 0-14 years 23.89% 15-64… Read More »

2024 Public Holidays in Colombia

Public Holidays in Colombia 2024 Colombia, located in South America, celebrates several public holidays throughout the year, each with its own cultural, historical, and social significance. These holidays provide opportunities for Colombians to come together, celebrate, and reflect on various aspects of their nation’s identity. In this guide, we will explore the public holidays in… Read More »