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According to wholevehicles, the Bahamas is an archipelagic nation located in the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of more than 700 islands, islets, and cays spread over an area of 100,000 square miles. It is located east of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and north of Cuba and the Caribbean Sea. The two main islands are New Providence and Grand Bahama Island which are connected by bridges. Other major islands include Abaco Islands, Exuma Islands, Eleuthera Islands, Cat Island, Long Island, Andros Island and many more. The terrain of the Bahamas is generally flat with some low rolling hills in certain areas. The highest point in the country is Mount Alvernia which is located on Cat Island and stands at 63 meters above sea level. The climate here is tropical marine with mild winters and hot humid summers with occasional tropical storms from June to November.┬áThe Bahamas has a large number of lagoons, bays and coves that provide plenty of sheltered waters for sailing yachts as well as a great variety of marine life for snorkeling or scuba diving. There are also numerous beautiful beaches featuring white sand beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters ideal for swimming or sunbathing. The waters around the islands consist mostly of shallow coral reefs which make it a popular destination for fishing trips since there are plenty of species that can be caught such as tuna, marlin, wahoo or barracuda. In addition to its natural beauty the Bahamas also has some interesting attractions such as Nassau’s colonial-style buildings in its capital city as well as several historical sites related to piracy such as Fort Charlotte or Fort Fincastle on Nassau island , Pirates Museum on Grand Bahama island or Pirate’s Well on Abaco island . There are also several local festivals throughout the year that feature music , dance performances, art displays, food stalls and much more. See paulfootwear for weather information in Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas

Climate and Weather in Nassau, Bahamas

The climate of Nassau Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. With over two hundred thousand inhabitants, it is also the largest city of this archipelago in the Caribbean. Nassau is located on the...