State Route 36 and 5 in Minnesota

State Route 36 in Minnesota

Get started Roseville
End still water
Length 17 mi
Length 27 km
→ Minneapolis / DuluthFairview Avenue

Snelling Avenue

Hamline Avenue

Lexington Avenue

Dale Street

Rice Street

→ St. Paul / Duluth

Edgerton Street

North St. Paul

Pine Springs

still water

State Route 36 or SR-36 is a state route in the U.S. state of Minnesota. The road forms an east-west connection in the northeast of the Minneapolis metropolitan area and runs from I-35W in Roseville north of St. Paul to Stillwater. The route is 27 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

In Roseville, Interstate 35W turns north and SR-36 continues straight as a 2×2 lane freeway. You pass through a large shopping mall and cross some important north-south streets. You pass through Roseville, a suburb with 34,000 inhabitants. In Maplewood, SR-36 intersects with Interstate 35E, the highway from St. Paul to Duluth. Not far after that, the highway turns into a regular main road with 2×2 lanes. Some connections are still level – level. One then crosses the Interstate 694 ring road and leaves the conurbation. The road then continues to Stillwater on the Wisconsin border.


State Route 36 through Roseville is one of the older highways in the Twin Cities. As early as the first half of the 1960s, this road was significantly grade separated. The last grade-separated intersections between I-35W and I-35E opened in the late 1960s. In the early 1970s, the grade separated section east of I-35E was extended into Maplewood. On August 2, 2017, the St. Croix Crossing opened connecting State Route 36 in Minnesota to State Route 64 in Wisconsin.

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Traffic intensities

The highway is fairly busy for 2×2 lanes with up to 87,000 vehicles per day in Roseville. 54,000 vehicles drive every 24 hours in Maplewood.

State Route 5 in Minnesota

Get started Gaylord
End maplewood
Length 75 mi
Length 120 km
Gaylord Arlington

Green Isle

Norwood Young America




Eden Prairie

→ Beltway

Post Road

International Airport

→ Minnetonka / South St. Paul

Fort Road Bridge

Mississippi River Boulevard

St. Paul


State Route 5 or SR-5 is a state route in the U.S. state of Minnesota. The road forms an east-west route in the Minneapolis-St. Paul and runs from Gaylord to Maplewood. The route falls in the south of the Minneapolis-St. Paul joins Interstate 494 and forms an individual freeway along the airport. State Route 5 is 120 kilometers in total, 21 kilometers of which coincide with other freeways and 5 kilometers form an individual freeway.

Travel directions

State Route 5 at Fort Snelling.

State Route 5 begins in the village of Gaylord on State Route 22, in a quiet rural area well southwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul. The road first heads for 35 kilometers northeast over a flat prairie area and has a short double numbering with US 212 at Norwood Young America. Next, State Route 5 passes through Waconia, the first distant suburb of Minneapolis. From Victoria, the area becomes more suburbanized and the larger suburb of Chanhassen makes State Route 5 a 2×2 divided highway with traffic lights.

On the east side of Chanhassen, State Route 5 merges with US 212, which is a freeway at this point. State Route 5 switches to Interstate 494 shortly after and follows this freeway along the south side of the Minneapolis-St. Paul. On the south side of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport branches off State Route 5 from I-494 and then forms an individual 2×3 lane freeway along the airport and is the primary access point to the airport. At historic Fort Snelling, there is an interchange with State Route 62, after which a short tunnel follows and the Fort Road Bridge crosses the Mississippi River. The freeway ends almost immediately after the river in St. Paul.

State Route 5 then through St. Paul is an urban arterial with traffic lights. The road alternates between 3, 4 or 5 lanes, partly with a center turn lane. State Route 5 follows 7th Street through much of St. Paul, including Downtown St. Paul. One crosses both Interstate 35E and Interstate 94. To the east of St. Paul, State Route 5 follows Minnehaha Avenue and later Stillwater Road. State Route 5 ends in the Maplewood suburb on Century Avenue. A county road then continues toward Stillwater.


State Route 5 became part of the Minnesota state highways in 1934 and was subsequently paved, in 1953 the entire route was paved. State Route 5 passed through Fort Snelling, a historic fort at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. The current Fort Road Bridge and the tunnel at Fort Snelling were opened in 1961. Its construction coincided with the modernization of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, which was completed in 1962. The State Route 5 freeway along the airport is presumably also opened at that time. Connecting I-494 also opened to traffic in 1961.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 3,000 to 4,000 vehicles run between Gaylord and Norwood Young America, 6,000 vehicles to Waconia and 14,000 vehicles to Victoria. After that, State Route 5 gets busier, with 25,000 to 39,000 vehicles on the 2×2 lanes through Chanhassen, peaking at 45,000 vehicles before the merge onto US 212 at Eden Prairie. The freeway along the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has 56,000 to 66,000 vehicles per day and 50,000 vehicles cross the Fort Road Bridge at Fort Snelling every day.

In St. Paul, about 30,000 vehicles drive up to I-35E and then 9,000 to 11,000 vehicles parallel I-35E to the center of the city. In the eastern suburbs of St. Paul, State Route 5 has little more than 7,000 vehicles per day.

State Route 5 in Minnesota

State Route 36 and 5 in Minnesota
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