State Route 25 and 254 in Kansas

State Route 25 in Kansas

Get started Hugoton
End Trenton
Length 238 mi
Length 383 km




Russell Springs





State Route 25, also known as K-25 is a state route in the U.S. state of Kansas. The road forms a north-south route through the west of the state, from the Oklahoma border south of Hugoton to the Nebraska border north of Atwood. The main town on the route is Colby. K-25 is 383 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

K-25 begins south of Hugoton on the border with the state of Oklahoma, where State Route 136 in Oklahoma connects from Guymon, and ends on the border with the state of Nebraska north of Atwood, where State Route 25 in Nebraska to Trenton connect. The road mainly passes through small villages, only Hugoton, Ulysses and Colby have regional importance. The road jumps several times in the grid from west to east and vice versa, and also hitches on US Highways, especially US 56 west of Hugoton and US 40 west of Monument. The road connects to Interstate 70near the town of Colby. This is at the point where I-70 turns south for a bit. The road is single lane almost everywhere, except for the passages through Hugoton and Colby. At Lakin one crosses the Arkansas River. The road leads mostly through flat to undulating prairies, without significant differences in height. The landscape is quite barren and consists mainly of ranches and circular irrigation.


The route has been around since the early 1930s, but in 1932 the section between US 40 and Colby was still missing, as was the section south of Hugoton. The road was also a dirt road almost everywhere, only between Russell Springs and the US 40 was a gravel road. Around 1935-1936 some short stretches of gravel were laid, such as between Colby and Atwood, a part south of Ulysses and a part north of Hugoton. Around 1938, the missing section between US 40 and Colby was completed as a dirt road. In 1938, further parts of gravel were also provided, between Hugoton and Ulysses and between Lakin and Leoti. By 1940 about three quarters of the route was gravel, but not a part was paved.

In 1941 the first part of K-25 was asphalted, a fairly long stretch from Hugoton to Lakin. In 1945 this had been extended northwards to Leoti. At the time, however, there was still a section between Leoti and Russell Springs that was not even a gravel road, but a dirt road that was difficult to drive on. There was also a dirt road between US 40 and Colby. By 1948 the section from Colby to Atwood had also been paved. By 1953 this stretch of tarmac had been extended to the border with the state of Nebraska, and the section between Russell Springs and US 40 had also been tarred.

In 1953, the southernmost portion of the road from the Oklahoma border to US 56 west of Hugoton was still missing, and there was still a stretch of dirt road west of Russell Springs. By 1956, the section between US 40 and Colby was also paved. By 1960 almost all of the road had been completed, for example the southernmost section at Hugoton had been newly constructed as a tarmac road and virtually the entire route had been tarred except for a small section between Leoti and Russell Springs. In 1962 this last part was also asphalted. The road has not been significantly modified since then.

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Traffic intensities

K-25 is lightly ridden, like all roads in western Kansas. The busiest route is between Hugoton and Lakin where 1,500 to 2,000 vehicles drive daily. However, there is a long stretch between Lakin and US 40 with only 200 to 600 vehicles per day. Also south of Colby, only 400 vehicles run, rising to 1,200 vehicles between Colby and Atwood. 500 vehicles per day drive up to the border with Nebraska.

State Route 254 in Kansas

Begin Wichita
End The Golden
Length 27 mi
Length 44 km
Hillside Street

Oliver Avenue

63rd Street



The Golden

State Route 254, also known as K-254 is a state route in the U.S. state of Kansas. The road forms an east-west connection in the middle of the state, between Wichita and El Dorado. At Wichita K-254 is a short freeway, elsewhere a 2×2 divided highway. K-254 is 44 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 254 around Wichita.

In the north of the city of Wichita, K-254 begins at the interchange with Interstate 135 and Interstate 235. The first few kilometers of K-254 is a 2×2 lane freeway to Kechi, then the road is a 2×2 lane divided highway with at-grade intersections. The road heads east, bypassing the two villages on the route, Benton and Towanda. On the west side of the town of El Dorado is a grade-separated junction to K-196, followed by a junction with the Kansas Turnpike (I-35). After that, the road is a city road through El Dorado to downtown, from where US 54 continues east to Eureka.


The road originally existed as a county road between US 81 north of Wichita and US 54/77 in El Dorado. This road was already paved in 1932, as one of the few regional roads in this region. US 54, however, was the main route between Wichita and El Dorado. By 1940 the road surface had deteriorated to a gravel road. At the end of the 1940s, the road surface was restored to an asphalt road.

Around 1960 the road was numbered as K-254. Before that it wasn’t a state highway. The freeway section between Wichita and Kechi was constructed circa 1967. This was originally planned as US 54 around the northwest side of Wichita, the number K-254 was also diverted from there. The K-254 freeway was constructed at the same time as I-235 around the northwest side of Wichita. The interchange with I-135 was built later. Around 2000, K-254 was widened to 2×2 lanes between Kechi and El Dorado, partly over a new route. A grade-separated intersection with K-196 was also constructed just west of El Dorado.

Traffic intensities

17,000 vehicles drive daily on the freeway section at Wichita, dropping to 10,000 vehicles at Kechi and 11,000 vehicles on the 2×2 section between Kechi and El Dorado. This peaks at 18,000 vehicles in El Dorado itself.

State Route 254 in Kansas

State Route 25 and 254 in Kansas
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