State Route 111, 153, 155 and 158 in Tennessee

State Route 111 in Tennessee

Get started Soddy Daisy
End static
Length 193 km
  • Soddy Daisy
  • Cookeville
  • static

State Route 111 or SR-111 is a state route in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The route forms a north-south route in the middle of the state and runs from Soddy Daisy to Static. The route is in several places a highway or a 2×2 main road. The total length is 193 kilometers.

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Travel directions

The highway begins in Soddy Daisy, where the US 27 highway exits the city of Chattanooga. The highway will then initially run to the west, with 2×2 lanes. This section of highway is 17 miles long and lasts until US 127, the road from Chattanooga to Crossville. The SR-111 then becomes a somewhat insignificant main road until Spencer, after which the road again has 2×2 lanes. From Sparta, where one crosses the US 70, the SR-111 becomes a highway. At Cookeville, one crosses Interstate 40, the highway from Nashville to Knoxville. Shortly after Cookeville, the highway section ends after 23 kilometers and the road becomes a 2×2 main road again. After Livingston the road becomes a regular main road with one lane in each direction. At Static, SR-111 ends at the border at US 127.


The route between Dunlap and US 27 at Soddy Daisy was originally a super two and was widened to a freeway about 2005. The highway section between Cookeville and Sparta is older, probably built in the 1980s or 1990s.

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Traffic intensities

The southern section of the highway is very quiet with only 9,000 vehicles per day. The highway section at Cookeville has a maximum of 20,000 vehicles per day.

State Route 153 in Tennessee

Get started Chattanooga
End Red Bank
Length 12 mi
Length 20 km

1A Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

2 Shallowford Road

3 Jersey Pike

4 Bonny Oaks Drive

5A Harrison

5B State Route 17

6 Downtown Chattanooga

Wilkes T. Thrasher Bridge

Lake Resort Drive

Hixson Pike

South Hixson Pike

Dayton Boulevard

State Route 153 or SR-153 is a state route in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The road forms a north-south route to the east of the city of Chattanooga. The road is largely a freeway and is 20 kilometers long.

Travel directions

On the east side of Chattanooga, SR-153 exits from Interstate 75, the highway from Atlanta to Cincinnati. SR-153 then runs through the eastern neighborhoods of Chattanooga and crosses the Tennessee River via Chickamauga Dam. After that, the highway section ends and the road continues as a 2×2 trunk road to US 27, the highway from Chattanooga to Dayton.


The Wilkes T. Thrasher Bridge opened in 1955 and spans the Chickamauga Dam on the Tennessee River, in northern Chattanooga. Whether State Route 153 was already a freeway at that time is unlikely. Around 2005 the highway was widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes.

Traffic intensities

The highway section has between 44,000 and 75,000 vehicles per day.


State Route 155 in Tennessee

Begin Nashville
End Nashville
Length 31 mi
Length 49 km
  • I-40 Nashville
  • I-65 Nashville
  • I-24 Nashville
  • I-40 Nashville

State Route 155 or SR-155, also called Briley Parkway, is a state route in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The highway forms a ring road around the capital Nashville and is 57 kilometers long.

Travel directions

De Briley Parkway.

The highway begins at the Nashville airport and then intersects with Interstate 40, the highway from Memphis to Knoxville. The highway then has 2×2 lanes and heads north, then crosses the Cumberland River. A double junction crosses the Ellington Parkway and Interstate 65. The highway then has 2×3 lanes and it then crosses Interstate 24, the highway to Paducah, Kentucky. After that, 2×2 lanes will be available again, passing along the northern edge of Nashville city. The highway then curves south again and crosses the Cumberland River for the second time. Here too there is an airport along the highway. The road then ends at Interstate 40.


The exact opening dates of the Briley Parkway are unknown. The first part opened on the east side, between I-40 and I-65, and probably opened in the early or mid-1980s. Later, about 1994, the northwest section between I-65 and I-40 opened.

A project was completed in 2007 to widen the northeast portion of the beltway from 2×2 to 2×4 lanes, including new interchanges with Ellington Parkway and I-65. The southern part of the ring road is still a single-level road.

Traffic intensities

In 2010, 67,000 vehicles daily traveled from I-40 on the northeast ring road, dropping to 50,000 vehicles for the I-65 interchange and 41,000 vehicles for the I-24 interchange on the north side of Nashville. With 35,000 to 43,000 vehicles, the northwestern ring is still fairly quiet.

State Route 158 in Tennessee

Get started Knoxville
End Knoxville
Length 7 km
  • Knoxville I-40

State Route 158 is a state route in the U.S. state of Tennessee. The road forms a short highway and main thoroughfare in the eastern city of Knoxville. The road connects the neighborhoods along the Tennessee River with Interstate 40. The highway is 7 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins west of Knoxville at an intersection with SR-1. The road then becomes a four-lane trunk road along the Tennesee River, and crosses US 129, the Alcoa Highway to Alcoa in the south. The road then passes over the bank of the Tennessee River under several bridges over that river. Due to the difference in height, there are no direct connections with it. Near downtown, at Walnut Street, SR-158 becomes a 2×2 lane highway. The road then intersects with the James White Parkway, a highway to the southern neighborhoods of Knoxville on the south bank of the Tennessee River. The road then runs elevated, and ends at an interchange with Interstate 40, the highway from Knoxville toward Bristol and Asheville.

Traffic intensities

Up to 44,000 vehicles use the highway every day.

State Route 158 in Tennessee

State Route 111, 153, 155 and 158 in Tennessee
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