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Landmarks of California. The most important and interesting sights of California – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

California is the eternal summer, the cultural, entertainment and “representative” center of the west coast of the United States and the country as a whole. There are so many sights in California that their concentration exceeds all conceivable “norms” not only for the USA, but even for old Europe. Hollywood, Disneyland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Silicon Valley and Death Valley, as well as castles, mountain ranges, national parks, beach and ski resorts – all this is California.

Los Angeles is, in many ways, one of the major cities in both the state of California and the United States as a whole. LA is a large and lively city where the richest museums, collections of classical and modern art, all kinds of entertainment, modern hotels, chic restaurants, beaches and even a momentary opportunity to meet stars of the first magnitude coexist: after all, it is here, to the northwest of the center, that the legendary Hollywood. See acronymmonster for nickname of Oklahoma.

California Disneyland in Anaheim is the very first Disney park, which opened in 1955. By the way, the opening of Disneyland was led by Ronald Reagan – then only a talented actor, and not the President of the United States. This dream come true by Walt Disney continues to evolve, replenished with modern cartoon characters and the latest attractions, to still remain the most desired vacation spot not only for children of all ages, but for any adult. In just over 60 years of its existence, more than half a billion guests from all over the world have visited here.

The opening of Disneyland in California was led by Ronald Reagan – then only a talented actor, and not the President of the United States.

No less interesting is the city of San Francisco. Among the California attractions of San Francisco, it is worth highlighting the symbol of the city, the famous Golden Gates Bridge (Golden Gate), one of the most visited and controversial historical monuments – the former island maximum security prison Alkatraz (Alcatraz), Pier 39 with its chic restaurants famous for amazing dishes from the freshest seafood, as well as the Museum of Modern Art and many examples of Victorian architecture. To get to know the city better, we recommend taking a guided tour on an old red tram along the sloping streets of the city, or tickle your nerves by soaring above the ground on a cable car – San Francisco has the only cable car in the world that is still manually operated.

Perhaps there are few people left who have not heard of the famous Silicon Valley, or, more correctly, the Silicon Valley Silicon Valley, which once became famous for silicon – it was here that semiconductors based on it began to be developed. Now it is famous as the place where Apple, Google, Intel products came from to our world, where many other technology companies are headquartered, and the famous Stanford University continues to work.

Many people go to San Diego to see the Sea World Aquarium with an area of ​​60 hectares: it is located near Mission Bay and is famous for the amazing performances of whales, killer whales, otters, seals, sharks and other inhabitants of the deep sea. Nearby is a children’s water amusement park – Sheimu Bay of Joy.

There are among the sights of California and the so-called Death Valley : a desert 209 km long and 22 km wide attracts many nature lovers. Here are located: the lowest point in North America, the Badwater depression (86 m below sea level), the highest point in the continental United States, Mount Whitney (4421 meters), as well as an amazing place where you can meet the so-called moving stones – large and small boulders, on their own rolling and leaving long footprints in the sand. Here is Yosemite National Park, famous for its waterfalls and glaciers, as well as deep freshwater Lake Tahoe.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Grauman’s Chinese Theater (Los Angeles, USA) – repertoire, ticket prices, address, phone numbers, official website.

The most breathtakingly beautiful building in Hollywood, Grauman’s Chinese Theater is a hymn to the sophisticated architectural style of the Celestial Empire and a tribute to the significant Chinese diaspora, without which it is impossible to imagine Los Angeles for the past 75 years. The opening of the theater took place in 1927 and caused a real sensation – thousands of fans fought for the right to see movie stars on the red carpet.

A bit of history

The history of the Hollywood Chinese Theater began in 1927. The successful impresario Sid Grauman, who had already built several buildings by that time – the Million Dollar Theater in downtown Los Angeles and the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, decided to make his dream come true – to create a Chinese pavilion of unsurpassed beauty intended for film premieres. Architect Raymond Kennedy came up with the plan, took a long-term lease of land from the Los Angeles City Hall, invested 2 million USD – and 18 months later, Grauman’s Chinese Theater shone at the grand opening. Today it remains the site of all high-profile Hollywood movie premieres, and the Walk of Fame in front of the theater is adorned with hand and footprints of celebrities. More than 4 million people visit Grauman’s Chinese Theater every year.

What to watch

Grauman’s Chinese Theater complex consists of the theater itself and the courtyard in front of the building. The courtyard is surrounded by curved walls 12 meters high, crowned with turrets with copper domes, and in its inner part you can see 3-meter fountains in the form of lotus flowers. Don’t forget to look under your feet – you will be following the hand and footprints of movie stars.

In order to rush straight to the prints of your favorite actor, it is recommended that you take a “footprints” card at the entrance to the courtyard.

The height of the theater building is 27 meters, the entrance is marked by two columns of coral-red color with capitals in the form of masks supporting a bronze peak of the roof. Above the portico, you should pay attention to the skillfully carved Chinese dragon 9 meters long. The entrance to the theater is guarded by two giant “heavenly dogs” brought from China. The rich interiors of the theatre, especially the auditorium, reproduce with meticulous precision the style of imperial China – pay special attention to the fantastic painted ceiling, embossed columns and stage mirror.

The easiest way to see the interiors of the Chinese Theater is during a group tour – they are held every 15 minutes – half an hour, seven days a week from 10 am to 9:30 pm. The cost of the tour is 15 USD.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater is an operating cinema, not only film premieres are held here, but regular film screenings are also held. Since September 20, 2013, the latest IMAX 4D system has been operating.

Address: 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Landmarks of California
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