Interstate 88, 890, 99 and 990 in New York

Interstate 88 in New York

Get started Binghamton
End Schenectady
Length 118 mi
Length 190 km
1 → Scranton / Syracuse1 Binghamton

2 Chenango Bridge

3 Port Crane

4 Santaria Springs

5 Martin Hill Road

6 Harpursville

7 Afton

8 Bainbridge

9 Sydney

10 Unadilla

11 Franklin

12 Otego

13 West Oneonta

14 Oneonta

15 East Oneonta

16 County Road 47

17 Portlandville

18 Schenevus

19 Worcestershire

20 Richmondville

21 Warnerville

22 Cobleskill

23 Schoharie

24 Duanesburg

25 Rotterdam

26 → Syracuse / Albany

Interstate 88 or I -88 is an Interstate Highway in the United States, located entirely in the state of New York. The highway forms a diagonal east-west link between the towns of Binghamton and Schenectady. The highway, along with Interstate 86, forms an alternative to Interstate 90 toll road. The highway is 190 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The scenery along I-88.

The highway begins on the north side of Binghamton, a regional city of 50,000. The highway exits from Interstate 81 and has 2×2 lanes. You pass through slightly hilly area, with an alternation of fields and forests. The highway runs parallel to the Susquehanna River. Further east the route becomes more hilly, and a scenic route to drive, especially in autumn. One passes by Oneonta, the only place on the route with more than 10,000 inhabitants. The highway is quite quiet, as it is not a major thoroughfare between major cities. State Route 7 parallels the highway for the entire route. The highway is also known as the Warren M Anderson Expressway. At Schenectady, a regional city of 60,000 people, I-88 connects with Interstate 90.


I-88 was not one of the original Interstate Highways of 1956, but was added in the Federal Highway Act of 1968. Procurement of the route began immediately and construction of the highway began shortly thereafter. The first section near Binghamton was opened in 1971. Construction initially focused on the western half of the route between Binghamton and Oneonta, which was substantially completed in 1977. In the first half of the 1980s, the eastern section of the route between Oneonta and Schenectady was built, one of the last large-scale new construction projects in New York State. In 1989, the westernmost section opened, connecting to I-81 at Binghamton. Thus, this is where both the oldest and youngest part of I-88 is located.

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Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 2 Exit 4 8 km ~1971
exit 13 Exit 15 5 km ~1974
exit 6 exit 13 61 km ~1977
Exit 4 exit 6 13 km ~1981
Exit 15 Exit 24 90 km ~1981
Exit 24 Exit 26 8 km ~1985
exit 0 Exit 2 3 km ~1989

Traffic intensities

The highway is fairly quiet with traffic volumes usually under 20,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 890 in New York

Get started Rotterdam
End Guilderland
Length 9 mi
Length 15 km
1 → Syracuse2 Campbell Road

3 Schenectady College

4 Schenectady College

5 Broadway

6 Michigan Avenue

7 Crosstown Connection

8 Highbridge Road

9 Curry Road

10 → Albany

Interstate 890 or I -890 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The motorway connects the centers of Rotterdam and Schenectady with the parallel toll road Interstate 90. The highway is 15 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The western end of I-890 on NY-5, to Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

I-890 branches off Interstate 90 just west of Rotterdam, the highway from Syracuse to Albany. The highway then has 2×2 lanes and passes through the center of Schenectady, a city with 62,000 inhabitants. I-890 runs parallel to the Mohawk River here. The highway also provides access to a General Electric complex, one of the reasons for constructing I-890 at the time. At the suburb Guilderland, I-890 ends at I-90 again.


The first section opened to traffic in southern Schenectady circa 1962, connecting I-90 and SR-146. In 1964 this section was extended a short distance to the center of Schenectady. In 1968, the highway was extended west through downtown, and by 1974 the entire highway was completed when it joined I-90 west of Schenectady.

Traffic intensities

I-890 is not a very busy highway, with between 20,000 and 58,000 vehicles per day.

New York Interstate 99

Get started Lindley
End Corning
Length 12 mi
Length 19 km
Pennsylvania6 Lindley

8 Addison

11 Gang Mills

12 Painted Post

13 → Rochester / Elmira

Interstate 99 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway runs 12 miles through Upstate New York, from the Pennsylvania border to Corning.

Travel directions

At Lindley, Interstate 99 in Pennsylvania crosses the New York state border from Williamsport. The highway then heads north in 2×2 lanes through a narrow valley of wooded hills. The highway ends at Corning on Interstate 86, not far west of Elmira.


This section was originally numbered US 15. In 1995, US 15 was established as part of future Interstate 99. As early as the 1980s or earlier, the northern section between Presho and I-86 was upgraded to a freeway. In about 2009 the highway opened near the Pennsylvania border. On October 8, 2013, the remaining 5 miles between Corning and Lindley opened at the Pennsylvania border. Since June 27, 2014, US 15 has been granted Interstate Highway status.

Traffic intensities

13,000 to 21,000 vehicles travel on I-99 every day.

Interstate 990 in New York

Get started Amherst
End Amherst
Length 6 mi
Length 10 km
→ Buffalo1 John James Audubon Parkway

2 Sweet Home Road

3 John James Audubon Parkway

4 French Road

5 Millersport Highway

Interstate 990 or I -990 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway is in the Buffalo metropolitan area, and is located in the suburb of Amherst. The number I-990 is the highest Interstate number in use. The highway is called the Lockport Expressway and is 10 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The end of I-990.

I-990 begins in northeast Buffalo at a half-star interchange with Interstate 290, after which the highway loops around the complex of the State University of New York at Buffalo. The highway gradually narrows from 4 to 2 lanes in each direction, ending on the outskirts of Buffalo at an intersection with NY-263.


In the early 1970s, plans were made for a highway from Buffalo to Lockport, a regional center just outside the Buffalo metropolitan area. Construction of the highway began in the early 1980s, opening in 1985 to Sweet Home Road, a two-mile stretch. A second extension to North French Road opened in 1990 and a stretch up to Millersport Highway (SR-263) opened to traffic on December 21, 1990.

Traffic intensities

The highway has 21,000 to 63,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 990 in New York

Interstate 88, 890, 99 and 990 in New York
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