Interstate 675, 95 and 985 in Georgia

Interstate 675 in Georgia

Get started Stockbridge
End Atlanta
Length 11 mi
Length 18 km
1 → Macon2 Stockbridge

5 Forest Park

7 Conley

11 → Atlanta Beltway

Interstate 675 or I -675 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. The interstate connects the Atlanta metropolitan area and bypasses traffic from the south toward Atlanta’s eastern ring road. Interstate 675 is 11 miles long.

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Travel directions

I-675 connects Interstate 75 and Interstate 285 southeast of Atlanta, allowing through traffic to avoid downtown Atlanta. I-675 branches off I-75 at Stockbridge and then counts 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. I-675 ends southeast of Atlanta on the I-285 beltway.

Road number

The northern end of I-675.

The highway is signposted as I-675. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has also assigned administrative number SR-413 to the route. This is not signposted and is usually only used in technical documents.


After the completion of I-75 in the 1970s, it became clear that the Downtown Connector was not suitable for large volumes of through freight traffic. This could be better handled via the ring road I-285. The number of trips between suburbs also increased sharply during that period. To shorten the distance for north-south traffic, I-675 was constructed so that traffic from I-75 could easily reach the East Ring of Atlanta.

Interstate 675 was opened to traffic in late 1987. At the time, it was planned to extend the route through eastern Atlanta to State Route 400, creating a second north-south route through Atlanta in addition to the Downtown Connector. This route was about 16 kilometers long but was never built.

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Traffic intensities

The highway has between 43,000 and 76,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 95 in Georgia

Begin Kingsland
End Savannah
Length 112 mi
Length 180 km

  • 1 Kingsland
  • 3 Kingsland
  • 6 Kingsland
  • 7 Harriets Bluff Road
  • 14 Woodbine
  • 22 Waverly
  • 26 Dover Bluff Road
  • 29 Brunswick
  • 36 Brunswick
  • 38 Brunswick Airport
  • 42 Grants Ferry Road
  • 49 Darien
  • 58 SR-57
  • 67
  • 76 Midway
  • 80 Belfast Keller Road
  • 87 Richmond Hill
  • 90 Richmond Hill
  • 94 Georgetown
  • 99 → Macon / Savannah
  • 102 Savannah
  • 104 Savannah Airport
  • 106 Georgia Tech
  • 109 Rincon

South Carolina

Interstate 95 or I -95 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. The highway runs along the coast of Georgia, from the Florida border at Kingsland and the South Carolina border at Savannah, which is also the only major city on the route. Interstate 95 is 180 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The I-95 at Brunswick.

Interstate 95 in Florida comes from the city of Jacksonville and crosses the St. Mary’s River, which forms the border between Florida and Georgia. I-95 then heads north parallel to the coast. The entire route is equipped with at least 2×3 lanes. I-95 crosses many slow-flowing rivers that flow east of the highway into the swampy coastal area. I-95 passes through the small town of Brunswick, where US 25 and US 82 meet. I-95 runs parallel to US 17. The highway then forms a western bypass of the city of Savannah, where it interchanges with Interstate 16from Macon follows. North of Savannah, one crosses the Savannah River, which forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina. Interstate 95 in South Carolina then continues towards Florence.

Way number

The highway is signposted as I-95. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has also assigned administrative number SR-405 to the route. This is not signposted and is usually only used in technical documents.


Before the construction of I-95, US 17 was the primary north-south route along the coast. US 1 runs further inland in this region and was somewhat less significant than elsewhere along the US east coast.

Building I-95 was not a very high priority for Georgia, since it does not connect major cities. In addition, quite a few rivers had to be bridged, which made construction relatively expensive. The first part opened about 1968 north of Brunswick. The rest of the route was built during the 1970s. The last links to open were the Brunswick bypass and from I-16 north to the South Carolina border in about 1979.

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 49 Exit 58 14 km ~1968
Exit 58 Exit 67 14 km ~1971
Exit 87 Exit 99 19 km ~1971
Exit 0 Exit 3 5 km ~1972
Exit 36 Exit 49 21 km ~1972
Exit 3 Exit 14 18 km ~1973
Exit 67 Exit 87 32 km ~1975
Exit 14 Exit 29 24 km ~1977
Exit 29 Exit 36 11 km ~1979
Exit 99 Exit 112 21 km ~1979


I-95 was fully widened to 2×3 lanes in Georgia between 1993 and 2010, primarily because of its importance as a transit route to Florida. In the mid-1990s, I-95 was widened to 2×3 lanes around Savannah. The section between the border with Florida and Brunswick was also widened to 2×3 lanes in the mid to late 1990s. A large section between Brunswick and Savannah was widened in early 2000, and the section around Brunswick was widened in the period 2006-2010. The widening cost a total of $1 billion.

Traffic intensities

Much of the route handles 45,000 to 50,000 vehicles per day, with a peak of 70,000 vehicles near Savannah.

Lane Configuration

Van Unpleasant Lanes Comments
Florida state line South Carolina state line 2×3

Interstate 985 in Georgia

Get started Sugar Hill
End Gainesville
Length 25 mi
Length 40 km
0 → Atlanta4 Cumming

8 Lake Lanier

12 Flowery Branch

14 Flowery Branch

16 Oakwood

17 Gainesville

20 Gainesville

22 Gainesville

24 Gainesville

Interstate 985 or I -985 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. The highway spurts from Interstate 85 northeast of Atlanta to Gainesville and is 25 miles long.

Travel directions

I-985 branches off Interstate 85 northeast of Atlanta to connect the city of Gainesville to I-85. The highway splits off I-85 at Suwanee and gradually extends from I-85 to Gainesville. I-985 has 2×2 lanes and passes through a wooded suburban area. I-985 ends as a bypass of Gainesville and then becomes US 23 to Cornelia.

road number

The highway is signposted as I-985. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has also assigned administrative number SR-419 to the route. This is not signposted and is usually only used in technical documents.


I-985 was originally constructed as State Route 365, connecting Gainesville with I-85 toward Atlanta. The highway opened almost completely in 1970, except for the connection to I-85 at Suwanee which opened shortly after. In 1985 it was granted Interstate Highway status and was then numbered I-985. It is the second highest numbered Interstate Highway in the United States.

When I-985 was built, it was still a highway connection between cities. Gainesville was still 30 miles outside the Atlanta metropolitan area at the time. In the 1990s, the I-985 area began to suburbanize, first around Buford and later throughout the corridor. Gainesville became part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. However, it has also remained a regional center in its own right.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 70,000 vehicles enter Interstate 985 from I-85, after which the intensities decrease after each exit to 40,000 vehicles on the Gainesville bypass.

Interstate 985 in Georgia

Interstate 675, 95 and 985 in Georgia
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