Important Tips for Traveling to New York

Whether you are in New York for business or pleasure, as in any other country, there are a few things you should consider when traveling to this special city.

According to the latest statistics from the FBI, New York is the safest of the 25 largest US cities.

The city is best explored by public transport and on foot. Those who want to see a little more of the city can join guided tours, take a bus tour, boat trip or world yacht cruise. Flights with a helicopter can also provide interesting insights into the city.

The public transport network (bus and subway) is very good and seamless. There are also express trains on the U-Bahn, which only stop at around every fifth station.

In New York you can also take a cheap taxi, the so-called “yellow cab”, and those who want to treat themselves to something special can afford the luxury of renting a limousine, a rental car with a chauffeur.

Of course you can also take your own rental car. However, there are not enough parking spaces in Manhattan, for example, and the risk of theft and break-ins when parking on the street is relatively high. You should therefore always try to get a place in a parking garage.

A trip to New York is certainly worthwhile for a few days for extensive Christmas shopping, for example. And those who want to find out about current events can find information on cinema, theater, music or sports events in the tabloid newspapers and the editions of the “New York Times”.

For sports fans, New York is an absolute paradise. Basketball, American football, baseball, ice hockey or soccer (our football) have some professional teams. And the marathons and bike tours in and around New York also enjoy a well-known reputation.

If you would like to be active in sports yourself during your stay in New York, you can rent bicycles, relax in one of the parks and leisure areas or go jogging. There are also opportunities for tours by boat or a carriage ride through the metropolis. And there are many more offers available.

The New York weather could be described as extreme. Bitter cold winters and extremely hot or humid summers await the visitor. By changing from air-conditioned rooms to temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius in summer, the risk of colds is very often inevitable. You should therefore always have something light to pull over. The best months for a trip to the “Big Apple” are: May to mid-June and mid-September to the end of October.

New York – city of museums

No matter what type of museum you’re interested in, you could spend more than a month in New York and still haven’t seen it all.

American history is brought up in the Federal Hall. Originally, the current building was built between 1834 and 1842 as a US Custom House. A bronze statue of George Washington adorns the steps of the place where the first President of the United States took the oath of office in 1798.

You can find out more about the history at the South Street Seaport Museum. A place where you can learn more about the early history of shipping. You can also visit the New York Fire Museum and the New York City Police Museum, where you can marvel at some of the tragic and heroic events that the city has experienced.

Anyone interested in glass, lace, textiles, porcelain or handicrafts is definitely in the right place at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. The house on the Upper East Side is known for its huge collection of arts and crafts.

New York is particularly known for art museums. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA for short) is worth mentioning. Many consider MoMA to be the best of its kind. Paintings by famous painters from all eras can be viewed. A huge design and architecture collection can also be found in this large museum. The MoMA, which was founded in 1929, has one of the world’s largest collections of modern art on a total of six levels.

The building alone is an interesting sight at the well-known Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. An unconventional building that was designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1943 and the construction of which lasted from 1956 to 1959. The museum itself has exhibitions of what are arguably the world’s best collections of contemporary art.

Art from other peoples is exhibited in the Japan Society and the Asia Society and the Jewish Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Art also exhibits collections from different eras in other countries.

Something unique is the Museum of Television and Radio in Upper Midtown. Everything that is important and worth mentioning on the subject of television and radio was exhibited here. Many memorabilia are shown from the beginnings of this media.

And outside of Manhattan, too, there are a multitude of possibilities for an extended and interesting museum day. A good example is certainly the Brooklyn Museum, which has exhibits from all over the world and exhibits over a million paintings. And the neighboring Brooklyn Botanic Garden rounds off a visit here.

Some museums are not open every day, others have longer opening times on some evenings and some of the museums are even free of charge. However, each of the institutions is happy to receive a small voluntary donation.

New York – A stroll through Brooklyn

After crossing the most famous bridge in New York on foot or by taxi, you have arrived in Brooklyn Heights. It is the first suburb of the city. Many cultural influences from the Middle East and the 19th century mix here. The Brooklyn Bridge is about a kilometer long and has a variety of beautiful views and great motifs for photos.

You arrive in a beautiful park, the Cadman Plaza. At the south end of it are Borough Hall (the administrative headquarters), the Court House and the Supreme Court. A farmers market is held two days a week and there are occasional concerts.

The walk starts at Fulton Ferry Landing and continues on to Old Fulton Street, where you can visit the fire station and the Eagle warehouse. A stop at the well-known River Café is definitely worth it, here you can rest and strengthen yourself for further exploration of the area. The center of Brooklyn Heights is accessible from Montague Street. Boutiques and cafes await here.

The Brooklyn Heights District is an upper middle class residential area. A large number of well-known writers had chosen this place for their work. For example: Arthur Miller, Truman Capote and Henry Miller.

Those who visit Williamsburg and Greenpoint are in the new trendy neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Williamsburg has a number of delis, cafes and trendy boutiques in the area north of the Williamsburg Bridge to Metropolitan Avenue.

The Brooklyn Brewery opened in 1988 and ensured that Brooklyn also flourished as a brewing metropolis. By 1880 there were 50 breweries in Brooklyn. The whole of New York had 70 breweries. In 1976 the last one was closed. Today brewing is taking place again in the former “Brewery Row” in Brooklyn and the beer is excellent and known far beyond the borders of New York.

In Central and Southern Brooklyn are residential areas that were built between 1898 and 1910 and were built for better-offs. Large Victorian-style houses can still be found there. The area has an interesting Chinatown that is well worth a visit, as well as a so-called fishing village. Especially the locals come to Sheepshead Bay to celebrate a big “Bay Fest” there in May. Fresh fish is offered everywhere to buy and to eat and the view of fishing or excursion boats is also very relaxing.

Important Tips for Traveling to New York

Important Tips for Traveling to New York
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