Climate and Weather of Sint-Amands, Belgium

The climate of Sint-Amands

According to, on the right bank of the Scheldt lies the village of Sint-Amands, which belongs to the province of Antwerp. The Belgian author Emile Verhaeren is buried along this bank. There is also a museum in Sint-Amands dedicated to this writer. His birthplace can also be visited in this village. Another curious activity to do while in Sint-Amands is take a ride on the old steam train. With this you can go to Baasrode or Puurs. This train only runs in the summer. Summer is therefore the best time to visit Sint-Amands. You have the best chance of sun from June to August. In addition, the average maximum temperature in this period is a pleasant 21 to 23 degrees. September can also be a nice month in Sint-Amands with maximum temperatures of 20 degrees. October, April and May are a bit cooler in this village, but they are still good months for a trip to Sint-Amands. October and April have temperatures of maximum 15 degrees. In May it can get a bit warmer, as much as 18 degrees. From the end of November to the beginning of March it is winter in Sint-Amands. In these months a hat or scarf is not an unnecessary luxury, if you do visit this place. In the winter months there can be some snow in Sint-Amands. There is a chance of rain showers throughout the year.

Climate figures

The figures below are based on long-term average climate statistics. The temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius (°C).

maximum temperature minimum temperature hours of sunshine per day days of precipitation per month
January 4℃ 1℃ 2 18
February 4℃ 2℃ 3 17
March 9℃ 2℃ 4 16
April 13℃ 4℃ 5 17
May 18℃ 8℃ 7 17
June 20℃ 11℃ 7 14
July 24℃ 12℃ 7 15
August 23℃ 12℃ 7 15
September 20℃ 11℃ 6 16
October 14℃ 7℃ 4 17
November 9℃ 4℃ 2 17
December 5℃ 1℃ 2 20

The weather in Sint-Amands

Here you will find the weather forecast for Sint-Amands. View the current weather in Sint-Amands and the forecast for the coming days, such as the temperatures, the chance of precipitation, the wind direction and the wind strength. With this weather data you can see what kind of weather you can expect in Sint-Amands. Based on the climate statistics, we describe the weather per month in Sint-Amands. This is not a long-term forecast, but gives the average weather forecast for all months of the year. Do you want to see the detailed weather forecast for Sint-Amands? On the page with extra weather information we show the chance of snow, the wind chill, visibility, UV strength, air pressure and more good weather information.

Sint-Amands, Belgium

Climate and Weather of Sint-Amands, Belgium
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