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Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia. It stretches for more than 100 km and is adjacent to the national park of the same name. The highest part of the massif is Ravni Kopaonik (Flat Kopaonik) with the peaks of Gobelja (1934 m), Karaman Vucak (1936 m), Suvo Rudiste (1976 m) and Pancicev vrh (Panchichev Vrh, 2017 m). Kopaonik is suitable for skiers of varying degrees of fitness – from beginners to experts. There are beautiful landscapes, beautiful forests, clean mountain air and many healing springs.

Usually they get to Kopaonik through Belgrade, from where it is five hours by bus.

Weather in Kopaonik

The winter season at the resort begins in November and ends in March. There are about 200 sunny days a year, which is why the resort is also called the “Sunny Mountain”. The average daily temperature in winter is -8 °C.

See also the current weather forecast in Kopaonik for the next few days.

Snow cover from December to March averages 1.2 m.

Hotel Kopaonik

The hotel fund of Kopaonik includes hotels, cottages and apartments. The most luxurious is the Grand Hotel, which offers its guests an indoor pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, an indoor tennis court and a fitness center. Also popular are the Konatsi tourist complex, 80 meters from the cable car station, and the Putnik Club A hotel in the very center of the city.

Ski slopes Kopaonik

The total length of the ski slopes here is about 60 km. Of these, 11 are easy, 7 are of medium difficulty and 4 are difficult. New tracks appear almost every year. Kopaonik has 22 lifts for adults and 4 for children. The longest track here stretches 3.5 km, there is a half-kilometer night track “Little Lake”. In addition to skiing, the resort offers paragliding, a very affordable ski school with Russian-speaking instructors, swimming pools and other sports facilities.

Attractions and attractions in Kopaonik

Not far from Kopaonik are the ancient monastery of Zica (Royal Lavra) and the Studenica Cathedral with the shrine of St. Stephen the First Crowned. The cathedral is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered one of the main shrines of the Serbian people. Also in the vicinity of the resort there is excellent trekking – numerous trails lead to the picturesque mountain ranges of Brezovitsa, Zlatibor, Divchibar, Tara, Gocha and Zlatara.

Swimming pools and gyms, restaurants of national and European cuisine, discos and nightclubs. For children there are rides and children’s discos. The resort also hosts the Kop Fest festival, a noisy musical festival.

For younger guests, a kindergarten is open in Kopaonik, where an interesting program for kids is organized. There is also a children’s ski school.


Nishka Banya is a resort known since the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine. This place is an oasis of peace and tranquility, but in the nearest city of Nis, tourists can easily find entertainment and a cultural program for every taste, since it is only 10 km away.

The local Nishka-Banya Institute is a modern health and research institution in the field of rheumatology and cardiology, specialized rehabilitation, physical medicine and orthopedics.

How to get there

By car on the European highway E75 passing through Nis. Or by bus, from the central bus station of Belgrade (about 3 hours on the way).

At the local railway station, trains stop on the route Thessaloniki – Ljubljana and Istanbul – Vienna. There is also a train from the city of Bar in Montenegro, which connects Nis with the Adriatic coast.

The nearest airport is located in Nis, flights from many European cities arrive there. From the airport to the city can be reached by taxi or buses that depart every 15 minutes.

Treatment in Niška-Bane

Natural healing factors: two sources of thermal mineral waters (one with a temperature of +36..+39°C, the second is a source of cold water with a temperature of +17°C), therapeutic mud and radon gas.

The main medical profile of the resort is the prevention, treatment and recovery of rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases. The institute has modern equipment for non-aggressive diagnosis, treatment and recovery of rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases, equipment for surgical treatment in the field of orthopedics.

Treatment methods: bathing in radioactive water, drinking medicinal mineral water, inhalations, mud therapy, electrotherapy, physical exercises, education (education of patients) and psychotherapy. The treatment uses modern equipment: two pools, 11 classic baths, special galvanic baths, underwater carbon dioxide massage with ozone, Gaberd bath, 20 mud treatment sections, an inhalation section, exercise rooms, a circular shower and four steel baths.


Soko-Banya is a health-improving center for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of non-specific lung diseases. The resort is located in eastern Serbia, 60 km from the city of Nis.

How to get there

By car along the highway Belgrade – Nis and then 60 km to Soko Banya. The nearest airport is in Nis.

Treatment in Soko-Banya

The resort’s treatment center is equipped with modern equipment, there is an X-ray room, a laboratory, a department for respiratory and general locomotor rehabilitation. It organizes semi-intensive care, enabling rapid diagnosis and successful treatment.

Diagnosis includes ECG, spirometry with bronchodilator test, body-test, KPV, blood gas analysis, biochemical and microbiological examination, allergic examination, X-ray. Therapeutic department: manual massage, underwater massage, paraffin therapy, radon water inhalation with or without drugs, respiratory therapy, hydrotherapy, oxygen therapy, locomotor physiotherapy.

Healing factors

Therapeutic factors: sources of thermal mineral waters with a temperature of +28..+45 °C, radon. Medical indications: diseases of the respiratory organs of children and adults (bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial ecstasy, emphysema, sinusitis), rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic conditions, chronic gynecological diseases, neuralgia, radiculitis, neurosis, stress syndrome and “manager’s disease”, mental and physical exhaustion, mild forms of hypertension. Special programs: “school for asthmatics”, smoking cessation school.

Soko-Banya, Serbia

Cities and Resorts in Serbia
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